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MacLeod, Allen - General Manager - (29 years experience)
Although Allen’s diplomas from the NS Agricultural College were horticultural in nature, he had previous business experience in retail and office environments. This has helped him move the cemetery into the technological age by introducing an online database search to aid individuals find where their loved ones are located. Also, Allen is very dedicated to helping families design grave memorials which will leave a lasting impression of the personalities these monuments symbolize.

Allen grew up in Sydney’s north end, is married and has two children. Outside his family, Al’s interests include sports, music and maintaining a summer residence north of Englishtown, Cape Breton, where he likes to canoe and garden.
MacDonald, Margaret "Peggy" - Office Manager - (32 years experience)
Peggy has helped, literally, thousands of families make decisions in difficult situations through the years. She is usually the first person you meet when you walk through the door and, most often, the only person you need to deal with concerning complex choices to be made. Peggy exudes patience and understanding.

Before beginning work at Resurrection Cemetery, Peggy (nee MacIntyre) worked as a telephone operator in Sydney and helped run a furnace oil delivery company out of her home. She has two children and does a lot of volunteer work in her church and community. She still helps out around the family farm in Sydney Forks.
Noonan, Linus - Grounds Foreman - (19 years experience)
Before coming to Resurrection Cemetery, Linus maintained Holy Cross Cemetery, in Sydney. His training in arboriculture and woodworking has led him to an appreciation of merging hard and soft landscape features. Linus also studied geology and values the nature of different granites used to memorialize individuals within the cemetery as well as ornamental stonework found throughout the cemetery.

Linus is married to Karen and has four children. Like Allen and Peggy, Linus has roots in Sydney’s north end. He is a former steel worker, studied business and has experience in the forestry sector. Besides his family he enjoys building furniture, playing guitar, visiting the family home in Iona, Cape Breton and crossword puzzles.
Donovan, Robert - Maintenance Foreman - (14 years experience)
Rob's varied background in Industrial Maintenance, safety training as a volunteer firefighter (Whimis, Hazmat, CPR) and retail experience as a former restaurant operator gives him well rounded and practical knowledge helpful to the cemetery. He has empathy both with the staff on safety and equipment challenges and, also, with our clients who wish to see the property looking its' best at all times.

Robert grew up in Sydney Mines and is married to Jean and has two children. His hobbies include playing guitar, sports, and family trips hauling his camper all over Cape Breton.